PVC Double Hung Windows

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  • Glazing thickness range: up to 3/4 inches.
  • Exteriorly glazed sash for a sleek appearance
  • Triple weather seal at interlock.
  • Double weather seal on the sides and upper parts of the window frame.
  • Handle integrated with the sash for convenience.
  • Sloped sill for efficient water drainage.
  • Sturdy sill leg and screen chamber designed to prevent warping and rippling.
  • Integral accessory grooves for additional features.
  • Specially designed chamber for a mosquito net.
  • Integral nailing fin for new construction applications.
  • Option available without integral nailing fin for replacement window insta.
One of the most popular type of window in the United States

The Double-Hung window can be lifted from the bottom or lowered from the top with two independent sashes. They are easy to clean as both of the sashes tilt inward for simple access to the exterior and interior panes of glazing. Double-Hung windows do not require any extra space to operate, so they can maximize both interior and exterior space.

Consider the advantages of double-hung windows to determine whether they are a good fit for your home:

  • Easy to clean: To clean your windows, you need to wash both the interior and exterior. Cleaning them can be difficult when the top sash doesn’t move because the bottom sash often blocks it when the window is open. Since both sashes move, you can manipulate both sides of the window to wipe them down more easily from the inside of the house. This feature is especially helpful when you have a two-story house where you can’t walk outside to clean the top of the window.
  • More designs available: Double-hung windows have customized frame, glass finish and size options to accommodate a variety of architectural styles. Whether you have a Craftsman, Colonial or Cape Cod house, you’ll enjoy the custom design options available to enhance your home’s aesthetic.
  • Safer for children: Small children can fit through the opening of a window. With a double-hung window, you can open the top sash while keeping the bottom sash closed to prevent a child from climbing out. You can increase the security of your double-hung windows with locks and by properly maintaining them.
  • More ventilation: Humidity issues in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room could lead to mold growth and unpleasant odors. You can fix this issue with double-hung windows that use both sashes to allow more ventilation for your window. If you leave each sash half-open, the bottom sash lets in the fresh air, and the top sash releases warm air back outside.
Made in USA.
Variety of design options to fit your style
Lets fresh air flow into the home
Goldmann double-hung impact windows allow you to open either the top or bottom sash, all while ensuring your home remains shielded from storms and extreme weather.

Additionally, the tilt-in sashes simplify cleaning, eliminating the need for exterior washing and saving time, especially for homes with multiple levels.
Tempered glass manufacturing technology includes strengthening it by heat up to 1,200 °F after which the surface is instantly cooled down with the flow of frosty air. The strength of glass that has been manufactured using the heat treatment outperforms the normal one by 7 times.

This type of glass is produced bounding two sheets of tightly pressed glass together under the heat.
This type of glass is the best if your aim is the window which is hermetic, with maximum thermal and acoustic insulation, being the best representative of the LowSound glass panels.
We also have an option to propose to our customers which have any extra requirements to sound insulation.

The triple glass panels, laminated outside are easy to maintain, and they have the most advanced profile design technology to guarantee the best levels of insulation.
If the flawless thermal insulation and the faultless soundproof qualities are the top priorities for you, Goldmann windows are your perfect choice. Selecting the superior-quality LowSound windows from us, the outdoor noise won’t disturb you anymore, which is a total must for those apartments the windows of which turn to streets with loud traffic noise.
The manufacturing technology of thermo comfort glass includes the step of adding a silver layer serving for reflecting infrared light, which in its turn aids to keep the desired temperature.
The thickness of the silver layer is just right to serve its purpose while not affecting the light transmissivity of the window.


Selecting the window mesh from Goldmann you can be sure that even the wildest architectural ambitions of yours would be satisfied as we have a broad selection of pre-designed solutions for any taste and interior or we can customize it according to your sketch
3 OVER 1
4 OVER 1
4 OVER 4
6 OVER 6


The choice of the windows’ color can influence the general appearance of the house, both inside and outside. Understanding your wish to maintain the aesthetic harmony of the house, we offer a diversity of colors and textures proposing you the choice for any interior, whether it is classic, minimalistic, posh, elegant, modern, or rustic. You can learn about all the possible color/texture combinations on this page


By choosing Goldmann windows, you can be sure that its aesthetic characteristics are accomplished by quality technical properties, durability, and satisfying performance.
    Goldmann manufacturing processes are governed by the strict standards and manufacturing protocols of the brand, thus we are sure of the quality of each detail as we control it from scratch to the final product. Goldmann windows functionality and design will exceed even the strictest customer requirements.
    We study, innovate and design tailor-made solutions based on the latest innovations on the market, checking the quality of each piece of the production batch. Each of the production components passes the tests for its lightness and durability, its high resistance capacity against toxic agents, corrosion, cold, or heat, and its ability to withstand rain and humidity.
    Our windows save your budget not only by reducing the cost due to their outstanding thermal insulation features but by the fair price corresponding to the exceptional quality.
    You can be sure that when we are calculating budgets for the windows production and installation, you as a client will always receive quality service and products for a fair price.
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